The State House

It’s one of the most well-known houses in the town. The two-story house sits at the corner of Highway 363 and Mustang Drive and is over 100 years old. The house was built by Marvin Pierce sometime before 1918. Pierce later sold the house to Gladys and Thomas McFerrin, owners of the town’s general store. In a small town like Mantachie, the general store was more than just a place to grab a few groceries: It was a hub of sorts. People gathered at the general store, or visited it frequently. Dan Walton bought the property a few years ago. In the dining room, the original wooden ceilings stretch upwards of 13 feet above visitors’ heads. Most of the original walls have been maintained, and the home’s four brick fireplaces, which had been walled over for years, are open again. The kitchen had to be completely gutted and modernized, and the sun porch has been transformed into a small living space. But the home’s original bedroom, just to the right of the front door, has been restored. It’s now filled with charming antique furniture from Walton’s personal collection, giving it a cozy, but authentic look. The attic is a showstopper. It’s also where the house’s ghost is rumored to reside. Accessed through a small door in the library, which had a set of small bells dangling from it when Walton bought the house, he assumes they were meant to alert occupants when the ghost was emerging from his upstairs hideaway, and up a narrow bend of stairs.The nicks and scratches of a thousand footsteps mark the history of space, but everything has been polished. Walton said it’s everyone’s favorite part of the house. The most significant change he’s made to the original home is on the east side of the house. It now opens to a new wing, a space Walton calls the “servant’s quarters.” In reality, it’s a small bungalow, complete with a bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. This will be Walton’s main living space in the home. Guests get to stay in the original house. He may own the place these days, but Walton wants everyone in Mantachie to feel welcome in the McFerrin House, living or otherwise. “The ghost is welcome to stay,” he said. “Everyone is welcome.”

Contact Dan Walton for more information at 662-282-7450